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Quarterly Grants Awarded

Heartland Christian School:  Books for their library               $2,286.40


Prairie Museum of Art & History: To host a Prairie Fair         $2,750.00

for grade school students.


Parkinsons Families of Northwest Kansas:                           $1,669.00

Attend a Rock Steady Camp, purchase boxing bags,                          gloves and mitts.


Golden Plains High School USD#316: Digital Literacy          $5.000.00

Purchase technology equipment to learn through                           Digital Art.


Live Well Northwest Kansas: Copeland Garden Art Walk        $400.00

Thomas County EMS: Binder Lifts                                           $5,0996

At the TCCF's May 9th Quarterly Grant Committee meeting Scott Reese EMS Director and Patrick Toth, Certified EMS staff member were present.  They spoke about the Binder Lift equipment.  These Binder Lifts will save on the EMT's body as well as a much safer way to lift their patients.  The Th. Co. Community Foundation Grant Committee and the TCCF board granted the Th. Co. EMS a $5,096 Quarterly Grant to purchase the Binder Lifts for each ambulance.

Thank you to the Th. Co. EMS for recognizing  the TCCF on each Lifter Bag.

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APRIL GOAL: $50,000


Thank you to all the supporters in Thomas County  that helped us succeed
in reaching our goal.  We are proud to announce
we received $70,247 in donations.

This endowed fund total is now over $680,000.  TCCF is able to use 5% of the last 3 year average for Grant Dollar Disbursement in Thomas County each year.  A total of $6,675 has been granted back into the community for the first quarter of 2022.  $5,096 was granted to Th. Co. EMS for Critical Response Equipment
and $1,669 was granted to Parkinsons Families of NW Kansas.

Again, thank you to all the supporters who helped us exceed our goal.   Its an awesome way to give back to  the Thomas County Community.


is a public, nonprofit organization that pools resources of many donors

and focuses grant-making efforts in Thomas County, Kansas.
Board of Directors and staff of the Foundation seek to build permanently endowed funds,
using the interest generated for charitable, community betterment.

Tending our TCCF Perennial Garden. Transparent.png

LIKE A PERENNIAL GARDEN, our endowed funds blossom each year as to support local programs and events. And as a harbinger of hope, our Hansen Match Endowed Fund also blossoms annually, providing hope and support for all of Thomas county.

 This month, all donations to our Hansen Match Campaign are doubled $1 for $1 by the Hansen Foundation for local needs. A donation from you this month can double our impact. No matter the size of your contribution, it all helps, one dollar at a time.

donate now.

Vegetable Picking

Over $176,000

granted to Thomas County nonprofits, schools, students and programs in 2021.

Donate now to continue our good works. 


And Building a Better Thomas County


Over $176,000 in grants and scholarships were awarded in 2021. 

Egg and Spoon Race

Quarterly Grants


TCCF accepts unsolicited grant applications from eligible Thomas County organizations on a quarterly basis.  Grant awards are competitive and tend to be under $10,000 although larger sums are occasionally given. 

Applications due March 31, June 30, Sept. 30 and Dec. 31.

Yoga Class

The Last Day of every month

Dane G. Hansen Foundation community pass-through grant applications are due.

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