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Meet your board of directors and staff

Meet Your Board of Directors

It is truly a pleasure to have assumed the responsibilities as Executive Director of the Thomas County Community Foundation. I have been able to enjoy most of my working life in northwest Kansas and my wife and I love it here! In 2013, I retired as Dean of External Affairs for Colby Community College. During that period, I also taught leadership, wind energy systems and was the director of the Alternative Energy Program. Prior to working at CCC, I was an engineer/manager for Southwestern Bell Telephone. Fifteen of the 23 years I worked for SW Bell, I served as an engineer officer in the Untied States Marine Corps stationed in the United States, Okinawa and Japan. I have a B.S. degree in construction science and management from Kansas State University and a Master degree from Organizational Leadership from Fort Hays State University. I enjoy the outdoors immensely through hunting, fishing and taxidermy. My wife of 42 years, Dianne, and I have two children, two grandchildren and two great-grandchildren all living out here.

I am looking forward to working with you and serving as your director!

"Forever Betterment"

Barry B. Kaaz, Executive Director

November 2015

Bottom from left: Barry Kaaz, Christina Beringer, Quinnlyn Carpenter, Deb Mariman, Judy McCarty, Angie Gaede Back from left: Tracy Rogers, Connie Menges, Dan Jennings, Marla Crumrine, Angela Tinkham. Not Pictured: Tina Hansen,Brenda Mazanec, Velma Goodheart, Travis Goodheart.

Board of Directors

Deb Mariman


Quinnlyn Carpenter

Vice President

Tracy Rogers


Tina Hansen


Jenna Brunner

Bonnie Werth

Brad Bennett

Brenda Mazanec

Connie Menges

Dan Jennings

Melany Wilks

Angie Gaede

Angie Gaede is the newest member of the Thomas County Community Foundation's team. As of July 31st, she became the Executive Assistant.

She and her partner Eric Gaede have four beautiful grown children, Samantha Tolle, Molly Tolle, Brandon Gaede, and Steven Gaede.

Angie and Eric reside near Colby, where Eric has worked for Lang Diesel, Inc for several years. Angie enjoys photography and painting, and has found a new hobby in genealogy. Eric enjoys fishing and classic cars. On an evening when the weather is nice, you will probably see them out walking their 3 big dogs... Gunner, Dan, and Pete.

"I'm thrilled with the opportunity to serve the community in this capacity. I'm learning new things everyday and loving it! I really feel like I'm part of a team that's working towards something...and the goal is within reach. That's a wonderful feeling no matter where you are, and something I would want for everyone."

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