One Million Plus Impact!

From TCCF's inception in 2001 to date, our community foundation has distributed over $1,004,076 in grants and scholarships to over 70 non-profits and schools in order to better the lives of the citizens of Thomas County.  Through the generosity of the Dane G. Hansen Foundation and the donors of Thomas County, the TCCF grant committee dispersed $135,516 in 2019 to improve the quality of life in Thomas County.  Total grant dollars dispersed by our grant committees since 2001 including TCCF funding and Hansen funding is $1,390,429.


From the Executive Director...

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Saline or Kingery School in Thomas County.

Our quote, "Endowing Our Values, Education, and Culture in Thomas County", reflects both a theme and a goal of the foundation.  Though our stated mission and purpose is to "Endow Funds to Improve the Quality of Life for All Citizens in Thomas County", what we really are doing is preserving values such as education and culture.  The picture above is the historical Saline School which symbolizes that education is a cornerstone of what we value and cultivate in Thomas County.  In 2019 47% of our grant dollars were disbursed to schools, scholarships, library and youth leadership.  It is energizing to me to know that the majority of our disburstments from the grant committee support and develop the future of our youth.


In 2019 the grant committee disbursed $135,516 supporting Thomas County education, culture, and what we like to refer to as "Neighbors Helping Neighbors".  This last category embodies our Thomas County value of lending a helping hand to each other through churches and service organizations providing for such needs as food assistance, support for Special Olympics, and child advocacy.  Over a third, 36% of grant disturbsement dollars supportedd "Neighbors Helping Neighbors".

In the same reproting year, 17% of grant disburstment dollars support culture and arts in Thomas County.  These funds supported the Western Plains Art Association, Thomas County Historical Society, Prairie Museum of Art & History, and the Main Street Arts Council.

We would like to recognize and sincerely thank the Dane G. Hansen Foundation for the financial support they provide each year for our grant disbursement dollars. In addition to matching our annyal fund-raising campaign, the Hansen Foundation provided $100,000 to TCCF in 2019 for community grant requests in Thomas County. Their generosity is most.  appreciatedWe would like to thank the Friends of the Foundation and all the donors that have contributed throuhout the year to TCCF making it possible to disburse grants dollars where needed in our county.

A special thanks to our grant committee members in 2019.  Deb Mariman, Tina Hansen, Tracy Rogers, Dan Jennings, and Quinnlyn Carpenter.  We would like to recognize and thank all the Board members for volunteering their time and service to support TCCF.