Since 2001, we at TCCF, have been a family of funds – some large, others small – promoting philanthropy in Thomas County. Our dedicated staff and board of directors oversee everything from donations and fund management to local volunteer opportunities and nonprofit events. A year ago, I had hope that the Thomas County Community Foundation might reach $2 million in endowed funds. It was announced at our August board meeting that we were at that mark. I have a great deal of appreciation for past and present board members for their wise stewardship of our donors’ gifts.
          As I have reflected on the past year serving as president of the Foundation, I have discovered the experience of the gifts of Faith, Hope and Love. I so often take these three virtues for granted. Were Foundation tasks always easy? Hardly. Actually, it was a lot of work and time spent. Endurance is probably the best way to describe these ongoing efforts.

          October 2016, brought the biggest fund challenge that TCCF experienced since I have been on the board. Thomas County was one of 26 counties that was given the opportunity to receive $50,000 from the Dane G. Hansen Foundation, if we could raise that same amount through matching donations within a month’s time. TCCF had FAITH in our community that we could depend on generous donors to reach the goal. It was only through LOVE for the Foundation and improving the quality of life in Thomas County that each of us were willing to roll up our sleeves and get to work. Even HOPE was not just a breezy wishing for the best, but brought to fruition by shear dedication. I don’t believe there was a single moment when we became jaded and wanted to give up. We worked together as a community to march toward our goal. The end of October was joyful celebration as our perseverance paid off.
          I cannot express enough how grateful I am for all the donors that have given generously to all of our funds and events this past year. We sponsored four main events: Santa’s Workshop, a Pulled Pork Supper, Kids Fishing Derby and the Free Fair Breakfast. TCCF enjoys offering these events. We strive to belong and want to be a visible, viable organization throughout the year in our community.

          Once again, TCCF was able to present seven scholarships to local students through generous donors. The interest that was received by applicants was overwhelming and presenting the scholarships was gratifying. Congratulations to this year’s honored recipients. If anyone has any questions on what is involved to offer a scholarship, please contact Barry or Angie in the office. I have appreciated the opportunity to serve on the board of directors of TCCF and as president it has been a rewarding experience.

Marla Crumrime, TCCF President 2015 - Nov. 2017

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