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Thank You for Your Support

By becoming a Friend of the Foundation, you'll have a direct say in who holds the offices in the TCCF-- an organization that works hard to ensure that theshared life of Thomas County citizens is constantly improving. Your contribution, whether large or small, makes YOU a part of that effort.

"Forever Betterment"

Barry B. Kaaz, Executive Director

January 2022

Top 10 Reasons to be PROUD of the Thomas County Community Foundation

10. TCCF engages community members through the Friends of the Foundation membership program.

9. TCCF serves a free breakfast every year during the Thomas County Free Fair. Everyone is invited to join us and share a meal, and we are especially proud to offer the free event to 4-H youngsters, their parents and event coordinators and judges.

8. TCCF hosts an annual fishing derby at Villa High in Colby, giving awards and prizes to many feats of fishing success.

7. TCCF allows an easy way for you to help our local school districts and receive a tax deduction in the process. We have been especially proud to partner with our local schools to fund the After School Program and Summer Food for Kids Program.

6. TCCF convenes community members to identify, prioritize and tackle county-wide issues including food insecurities, health care, and community beautification and downtown pride.

5. TCCF conveniently brings outside funding sources to local organizations so that our community can capitalize on many financial opportunities in one location. We are especially honored by our continuing partnership with the Dane G. Hansen Foundation.

4. TCCF manages over 60 established funds to help our community in all different areas, ranging from education, youth, health, leadership and beautification.

3. TCCF supplies a local granting source for nonprofits, schools and government agencies.

2. TCCF improves the lives of ALL Thomas County citizens. Through TCCF Quarterly Grants and Dane G. Hansen Grants, over $1,564,898 in grants have been disbursed to local organizations, schools, churches, civic groups and scholarship recipients since TCCF's inception in 2001.

1. TCCF offers everyone in the community a tax-deductible opportunity to invest in our community for all future generations. You can be a part of these accomplishments NOW by becoming a Friend of the Foundation. Click HERE to become a Friend of the Foundation.

Become a Friend of the Foundation

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