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Thomas County Community Foundation | Quarterly Grant Applications
Due March 31, June 30, September 30 and December 31
Grant Writing Tips


  1. Start with the need you want to address. Find out as much as you can about the problem, existing resources and others interested in working on the problem. Cooperating with other organizations or agencies can result in powerful solutions to problems.

  2. What will this project accomplish and who will benefit? Identify a clear meaningful, and measurable goal. Who is your intended audience? Be prepared to communicate these thoughts directly and briefly.

  3. How will you accomplish the project? Work out the details about who will do the work, what they will do and when. Get commitments from those who you believe will carry out the project, provide additional funding-- if needed-- beyond your request from the Thomas County Community Foundation, or provide facilities or other supplies. Develop a timeline for completion of the project.

  4. New, fresh ideas are very appealing and may be key in identifying, addressing and meeting needs. However, the most important issue tho the Thomas County Community Foundation is that needs are being met and the quality of life in Thomas County is being improved.


  • This should not be a labor-intensive process. If you have followed the steps above, you will be prepared with all the needed information.

  • Strive for clarity. Provide the background information necessary for us to understand the mission and goals of the organization and how this project furthers those goals. We will read many proposals, so your conciseness is appreciated.

  • We ask that the application be typed or printed. Feel free to request the application be sent via email attachment. However, you must return it to us in a hard copy, with the appropriate supplemental material.

  • Be specific about what you are asking us to fund, your project goals and the amount of funding being requested.

  • Don't use jargon, acronyms or technical words without thorough explanation.

  • Don't inflate or embellish your proposal to impress the Thomas County Community Foundation. We want to fund programs that benefit the community , not your ability to write professional grant proposals.

  • If you have questions, call us well in advance of the grant deadline. Grants are awarded on a quarterly basis so take the necessary steps to allow plenty of time to do a good job. We can be reached at (785) 460-9152.


  • Don't be sloppy. Retain all important information and get rid of any superfluous details.

  • Don't wait until the last minute to write your grant proposal. This does not allow any time for unforeseen questions to be answered.

  • Our grant application deadlines are strict to allow our staff and volunteer committees a consistent schedule. Don't submit your proposal late. Proposals received after the deadline will be considered for the next quarterly funding cycle.

  • Always include evidence of other local support (either financial or otherwise) and broad representation across the entire county if possible.

  • Be sure to give a clear, concise justification and reason why the project is good for the community.

  • Always provide evidence that you are capable of administrative accountability to support your project and to ensure our funds are spent in the means that they are intended, and that you are capable of necessary follow-up procedures after the project is complete.

  • Anticipate large budget needs for "contingency" or "miscellaneous" items.

  • It is best to not duplicate existing community programs or services without justification in your grant proposal.

  • Always explain the qualifications and experiences of the people carrying out the project.

  • Always read the application directions and follow all of the steps and instructions. Always call if you have questions.

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