Procedures for Hansen Community Pass-Through Applications

Dane G. Hansen Foundation Community Pass-Through Grant Applications
via Thomas County Community Foundation | Applications Due on the 1st Day of Every Month
Applications for Pass-Through Grants are made online to the Greater NWKansas Community Foundation.  The GNWKSCF is our local facilitator for these Hansen Applications.  Once GNWKSCF has reviewed the online application for completion/qualification, the online grant is sent to our local grant committee at the Thomas County Community Foundation.  The TCCF grant committee decides on grant dollar funding for the application.




Click HERE to determine eligibility and learn more about grantmaking criteria.

Click HERE create your account through the Greater Northwest Kansas Community Foundation's online grant portal. All applications must be submitted online.

Application deadline is the first day of each month; applications received after the first will not be reviewed until the following month. Applications are reviewed by the TCCF Grants Committee; grant applicants will be contacted as soon as possible.

A Little Background Information

In April 2015, the Dane G. Hansen Foundation initiated a new grant opportunity with Greater Northwest Kansas Community Foundation as an avenue to financially help support charitable activities in northwest Kansas. With this funding, 10 county-wide funds have been established allocating grant funds to each, to be used for projects benefiting the counties and/or communities within. Along with Cheyenne, Decatur, Gove, Logan, Norton, Rawlins, Sheridan, Sherman and Wallace, Thomas County is recognized as one of the counties eligible for participation.

In March and September 2016, the Hansen Foundation announced that additional funding has been made available for each of these county-wide funds, bringing the total to $100,000 in Thomas County. Grant applications are currently being accepted online through the links above.

Projects given preference for funding include community-oriented projects or programs, particularly those that include or promote volunteer involvement. Please note that if your grant request is more than $10,000 and covers multiple counties within Dane G. Hansen's service area, is a multi-year request or if is is a project that was previously funded directly by the Hansen Foundation, it is suggested that you apply directly to the Dane G. Hansen Foundation.

Hansen Grantmaking Criteria

  • Health and human service needs including healthcare services and promotion of healthy life practices

  • Community beautification and security

  • Community social services, including the arts and cultural activities

  • Inter-generational programs or projects

  • Environmental programs or projects

  • Other activities designed to improve the quality of life and maintain the natural environment for residents of northwest Kansas

Preference will be given to applications that include community involvement and volunteerism. Grants shall generally not be used to reduce the burden on tax supported program. Grants are not intended to be used for endowment or general operating expenses.

Grant Guidelines

While the Thomas County Community Foundation is dedicated to flexibility in addressing the needs of Thomas County, our policy is to not grant funds for operating expenses or salaries, programs that promote specific religious beliefs, political activities, travel expenses, grants to individual persons or basic programs that are the obligation of governments or school. The Thomas County Community Foundation does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sex, or national origin; we expect grant applicants to hold similar standards.
Grants are only given to those having a 501 (c) (3) status with the Internal Revenue Service, or are a public agency/unit of government or religious institution. Please keep this fact in mind, as lack of this criteria means automatic denial for grant funds.

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