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A Matching Campaign to Build a Better Thomas County

Tending our TCCF Perennial Garden. Transparent.png

Dear Neighbor, 

This is our 6th and final year to participate in Dane G. Hansen Foundation's Matching Fundraising Campaign. If you've contributed to this annual campaign in the past, you know that during the month of April, your donation is DOUBLED by the Hansen Foundation to benefit every nonprofit in the county.

Although we are saddened by the ending of this program, we are also grateful for the impact the matching challenge has had on our organization and our entire community. Because of you, we've met the challenge year after year, and as a result, our Hansen Matching Fund currently totals almost $590,000, of which 5% can be allocated for local grants every year.

As we look back on past accomplishments the matching challenge has afforded Thomas County, we also look towards our future. Avid gardeners who sit on our Board of Directors have likened TCCF and our endowed funds to a perennial garden. Like a perennial, which blossoms each year as a harbinger of hope, our Hansen Match Endowed Fund also blossoms annually providing hope and support for Thomas County. 

We invite you to make an impact in a big way by donating now to our 2022 Matching Campaign. You can also golf or sponsor our April 29th Benefit Golf Tournament. Our goal is to raise $50,000 by the end of April, which will be doubled dollar for dollar by the Dane G. Hansen Foundation. 

We know there are countless worthy nonprofit organizations, schools, civic groups, and churches in Thomas County could choose to support with your donations, but Thomas County Community Foundation is the ONLY organization in the county whom you can support all of the above-mentioned with ONE DONATION.

No matter the size, your donation will make a lasting impact on Thomas County and your favorite organizations and events.

With pride, as we tend our perennial garden of funds,

TCCF Director, Barry Kaaz


TCCF supported many artistic and cultural events in 2021, including a new exhibit at the Prairie Museum.


Staying abreast of technology allows our community to compete and remain relevant. In 2021, over $19,000 was granted for technology and facility upgrades.


Over $74,000 was awarded to scholarship recipients and almost $50,000 was granted to schools and educational programs in 2021.


Through partnerships and donors, TCCF awarded over $176K last year. Like a perennial, our funds will continue to blossom.

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