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TCCF Campaigns to Raise $100,000, Matching Funds From Dane G. Hansen Foundation

The Thomas County Community Foundation is fervently campaigning to raise $100,000 by the end of October 2016.


"TCCF has the opportunity to match funds dollar for dollar up to $50,000 with a Dane G. Hansen Foundation Matching Funds Initiative. So, if we can raise $50,000 on our own, they'll bring the total contribution to $100,000 to benefit Thomas County," explained TCCF Director Barry B. Kaaz. "Money raised in this campaign will be used to develop teams within Thomas County to promote youth leadership, education, community and TCCF interaction."

The teams, explained Kaaz, will comprise of high school juniors, seniors and adult mentors throughout Thomas County to help provide better interaction between the foundation and the communities it serves. The Youth Leadership teams will be asked to identify needs within their respective home towns and develop grant proposals for which the TCCF can evaluate, approve and give funding for.

Click HERE to learn more about the Youth Leadership Teams.

With a sense of urgency, Kaaz added that the TCCF is hosting two important benefit events in October to bring the Hansen Matching Fund Drive campaign to a close.

Throughout the month of October, people are encouraged to purchase $2.00 raffle tickets (or 12 tickets for $20.00) from any of the foundation's board of directors or via TCCF office staff. The board of director's list and contact information for TCCF staff can be found on their website. Winners for the drawing will be announced on the last day of October. Items to be given away include a Weatherby 12 ga. pump shotgun, Glock 43 handgun and a handmade, queen sized heritage quilt.

The second benefit event will take place from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Saturday, Oct. 8, at the Colby Trap Club, five miles west and one mile south of Colby. People can register for the Benefit Fund Shoot that morning at 8 a.m. Each round is $10.00 and a person can purchase as many rounds as they like. Events include 5 Stand, Trap and Skeet. The Colby Trap Club will be selling food and refreshments. And, at the end of the day the winner for a Remington 870 Wingmaster raffle will be drawn.

Proceeds from both of the events will go towards the Hansen Matching Fund Drive campaign. Donation to directly support the initiative are sincerely appreciated and can be made by mailing a check, or by giving an online donation via credit card or PayPal.

People are encouraged to contact TCCF staff with questions at tccf2@st-tel.net or 785-460-9152.