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2015: A Year of Giving

The Thomas County Community Foundation distributed over $67,000 in grants in 2015 for education, health, benevolence, leadership and to service organizations. Noteworthy is that over 60 percent of the funds granted in 2015 went directly to the benefit of Thomas County youth.

In addition to TCCF's quarterly grant cycle, the foundation served as a conduit for the distribution of Dane G. Hansen Foundation funds. Through the TCCF Grant Committee, nearly $100,000 of Hansen funds were given to Thomas County communities under the Hansen Community Fund Program.

With our mutual desires of keeping the individuality in our communities an preserving our "small town America," the team has been reaching out to Thomas County communities through town hall meetings. The purpose of the meetings is to educate and promote TCCF while gaining feedback from communities regarding their needs, concerns and ideas. Specifically, the team is interested in how it can interest and engage the youth of our county in Foundation participating. Currently, the team is researching methods that will initiate "youth teams" in each community to work with community leaders in identifying and initiating community projects.