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“From Your TCCF Foundation”

“13 Ways to Kill Your Community” by Doug Griffiths….an insightful new book I’m reading which was given to me by the Dane G. Hansen Foundation at their annual conference in Hays this month. I just finished reading Chapter 3 entitled, “Don’t Engage Youth”. We have all heard that not planning is planning to fail….well, this book gives us a more detailed road map on how to go about specifically planning that failure for our communities. It is encouraging to see that so many of the positives recommended in the book are already implemented in our communities in Thomas County. I am finding it a most interesting read as it speaks to and is about sustaining a bright future in our rural communities….and I mean real rural….like us. I think you will find it interesting, also, and recommend picking up a copy.

This April, the Dane G. Hansen Foundation has given TCCF another opportunity to raise our endowed funds with a $ for $ match up to $50,000 by the end of April. This means if TCCF can raise $50,000 locally, $50,000 will be matched by the Hansen Foundation to provide $100,000 to our endowment. The dividends and interest from this endowment can be used for any non-profit request in Thomas County. This fund cannot be used for TCCF operational costs. Donations can be a straight donation, you can participate in our golf tournament and/ or auction on April 26th at Meadow Lake Country Club. Any donation to help us help Thomas County will be gratefully accepted and appreciated…every dollar you can give in April is doubled! We can be reached at 785-460-9152 or call Barry on cell 785-462-0411.

The Thomas County Community Foundation was founded by four future-focused local citizens in February 2001. Their challenge was to raise $300,000 before the end of the year. The mission was accomplished and matching funds were provided by the Kansas Health Foundation…TCCF was created. We have approximately (60) different funds from which the proceeds provide grant dollars to non-profit requests in Thomas County. In 2018, these proceeds provided over $42,000 to non-profit requests in our county. In addition, the Dane G. Hansen Foundation has enabled the TCCF grant committee to disburse over $197,000 over the past two years to non-profits in Thomas County. The Dane G. Hansen Foundation has given TCCF a tremendous boost to fulfilling our mission of “Forever Betterment…Endowing Funds to Improve the Quality of Life for ALL Citizens of Thomas County”. We are a youth focused foundation disbursing approximately 60% of our TCCF quarterly grant dollars through scholarships, education, and youth leadership. We also support service clubs, libraries, food 4 kids, and health needs. About 12% of our disbursed funds support the arts in Thomas County. We host the Annual Fishing Derby with significant sponsorship support of our local Pheasants Forever Pioneer Chapter. We host Santa’s Workshop and the Fair Breakfast each year. In addition, we support Youth Outdoor Skills Day and teach archery workshops with our kit on request. This what we do and believe in…Thomas County, our rural families and faith-centered way of life. Thank you for your support!

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"Forever Betterment" To endow funds to improve the quality of life for ALL citizens of Thomas County.